Technology that doesn't exist

Advantages of Accumulit SA The technology allows to increase the percentage of biologically active substances compared to conventional extraction methods...

Acumullit SA ® is an innovative technology that allows you to additionally activate the biological beneficial substances of natural ingredients. As a result of impulse action, the membranes of plant and fruit cells used in recipes become thinner, microelements, bioflavonoids, organic acids, antioxidants are released through these thinned membranes, and with the help of a negative charge their action is enhanced. This activated mixture is added to the caramel mass from which the accumulated APL dragees are created.

This is how the owners of APLGO write themselves. But what is this technology and how was it developed? How is this technology applied in candies?

At the beginning of its activity, the management of the APLGO candy trade introduced a certain Italian grandfather named Giovanni Gusto into circulation. Even one (!) video was recorded in which grandfather said hello and praised his "technology".

granpa Gusto

That video is easy to find.

Here is an excerpt from the story of grandfather Gusto:

Advantages of Accumulit SA
The technology makes it possible to increase the percentage of biologically active substances compared to conventional extraction methods, as well as to ensure the complete preservation of all components and their extraction at a very high level (about 90%) of the original content in natural raw materials.

Question: Where and when was this unique technology patented?

Answer: There are no patents or references to such Accumulit SA technology in scientific circles. Searching for a patent does not bring results.

The only mention of Accumulit SA can be found in the depths of the site (backup)

It states that in November 2018, the Accumulit SA trademark was filed for registration in the form of a graphic image:


But Sergei Kulikov and his friends did not take care of the timely execution of this registration and it expired. Therefore, the writing of the ® badge by the APLGO office and the suckers who joined it can save this ® for better times.


At the confectionery factory in Moldova, sugar candies of the "hillbilly joy" system are produced. Sweets are packed in a blister, which gives them the appearance of some kind of medicinal product. So that ignoramuses and dupes would not be so offended by buying caramels at an absolutely shameless price of 50 or more euros per pack, the project leaders invented (or wrote off somewhere) some kind of "technology" and called it Accumulit SA.

blister APLGO

That's just a shame for grandfather Giovanni Gusto - how is he there? Are you healthy? Why doesn't he write anymore?

by the way

Even the name of the office itself: APLGO is not registered in any way. At the time of this publication, the "APLGO" brand has only been applied for in Korea and the United States.